NZ Ministry of Health extract application upgrades underway

MKM Health simplifying the delivery of Ministry health and disability information.


Pressing upgrade button on computer keyboardThe National Collections provide valuable health information to the New Zealand Ministry of Health (the Ministry) which helps to support decision-making in policy development, funding and at the point of care. MKM Health provides applications to manage records and the data extract and reconciliation processes for several District Health Boards (DHBs).

In 2012, MKM Health took steps to upgrade and redevelop our existing National Booking Reporting System (NBRS), National Minimum Dataset (NMDS), National Non-Admitted Patient Collection (NNPAC) and PRIMHD (mental health data) into one web application platform as part of a major technology refresh of the extracts. The upgraded application uses up-to-date technologies and web standards to ensure current and future web browser compatibility - including as mobile devices – to provide a suite of features to help DHBs manage the data going to and from (record acknowledgement) the Ministry.

The core extract management software products are integrated in the application, with each extract ‘virtualised’. This means the extracts can be used separately and concurrently by multiple users, securely, over the internet and with data sourced from a variety of DHB source systems across different facilities and reporting agencies from a single application instance.

More recently the National Patient Flow extract has been added to the application’s extract suite with plans to integrate and update MKM Health’s existing ACC45 eClaims application during 2016.

Currently, several DHBs are working through the process of upgrading from older versions of the extract applications to the new integrated platform. MKM Health is assisting these DHBs with the transition and also ensuring that all extract applications are kept up-to-date with the Ministry requirements. The supported extracts work with a wide variety of the PAS and clinical source-data provider applications used across New Zealand.


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